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It’s one of those dishes that seems simple–spicy beef soup, right?–but that you know must be more complex given how flavorful and delicious it is when you’re enjoying the best possible version of it. And, indeed, Bo Kho is flavored with chili, five-spice, fish sauce, lemongrass, plenty of garlic, and tomato. Its familiar red color comes from the addition of fragrant annatto, which imparts a distinctive red color! One of the biggest reason why I love Bo Kho is because it is such a versatile dish. It is traditionally eaten for breakfast, when it’s mainly served as a stew. Sometimes this means potatoes are added in as well.

For a heartier meal, you can serve it over noodles, as is common in central Vietnam, or over rice. You’ll also often see it with crusty bread, particularly in the South. This makes it a great fit for lunch or dinner. #Bokho, #bokhoVietnam, #Vietnamesebeefstew, #Vietnamesedish, #Indianfood, #Pho, #Vietnam#delicious,#Noodle,#Vietnamesefood,#Beefsoup,#Photimepb,#foodporn,#photai,#eatyourpho,#foodie ******************* For more information: Pho Time 🏠Address: 1820 Garnet Ave (b/w Kendall St & Lamont St.) San Diego, CA 92109 ☎Contact number: (858) 273 1664 And Follow us on: 💌Instagram: @photimepb

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