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1/ PHỞ CHAY - VEGETARIAN PHO Buddhism has a great influence on the thinking and behaviour of Vietnamese people. The subject of vegetarian foods, Buddhist vegetarian foods in general and Vietnamese vegetarian foods in particular, is a wide ranging subject matter with deep beliefs, practices and customs. Pho, being a staple Vietnamese cuisine, naturally had to be part of the Buddhist cuisine in Vietnam. Traditionally, pho is made with beef – but in Pho Time restaurant will serve a gorgeous vegetarian broth punctuated with tofu, maybe even some broccoli, and carrots. But at its core, vegan pho create A light broth, filled with rice noodles and delicious vegetables like amazing mushrooms, asian greens, beansprouts, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. There’s always herbs (like traditional pho) such as Vietnamese basil, corriander and mint, and you can spice up your vegan pho with chilli, soy sauce and lime.

Some people think that vegan food is a boring food, but vegan pho is really delicious. If you cann't believe in me, you should come to Pho Time restaurant to find the truth #STORIESOFPHO, #Pho, #Vietnam #delicious,#Noodle,#Vietnamesefood,#Beefsoup,#Photimepb,#foodporn,#photai,#eatyourpho,#foodie ******************* For more information: Pho Time 🏠Address: 1820 Garnet Ave (b/w Kendall St & Lamont St.) San Diego, CA 92109 ☎Contact number: (858) 273 1664 And Follow us on: 💌Instagram: @photimepb

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