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In Vietnam we don’t have a curry cult like Thai curries. We only have one kind of traditional curry, and that is the yellow one. The yellow color stems from turmeric and curry powders. The first one is added for color and not for the taste. That’s why you can hardly smell any turmeric in the curry. The chosen meat can be beef or chicken. The vegetables in traditional Vietnamese curry are always carrot and potato but I also see people adding taro root. Taro root has a creamy taste of its own with a distinctive nutty flavor. I find the potato absorbs the flavor of the curry stew more readily than the taro. However the taro root is better suited for curry stew in cold weather as it retains the hot temperature longer than potato, and it is also healthier with more dietary fiber and is gluten-free. Pho time Restaurant serve best traditional Vietnamese curry for you!!!! This clip show 3 versions of curries, you can taste Vietnamese curry in Pho Time Restaurant! #curry, #Vietnamesecurry, #Vietnamesedish, #Indianfood, #Pho, #Vietnam#delicious,#Noodle,#Vietnamesefood,#Beefsoup,#Photimepb,#foodporn,#photai,#eatyourpho,#foodie ******************* For more information: Pho Time 🏠Address: 1820 Garnet Ave (b/w Kendall St & Lamont St.) San Diego, CA 92109 ☎Contact number: (858) 273 1664 And Follow us on: 💌Instagram: @photimepb

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